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headofficeSamadhan is a Non-government, Non-political, Non-religious, Non-profitable multidimensional development service oriented voluntary organization. It is working in southwest of Bangladesh since October 14, 1987 for poverty alleviation and sustainable socio-economic development for the poor and ultra poor inhabitants of Jessore, Satkhira and Khulna district. The said areas were the most poverty-stricken & disasters prone as these areas are adjacent Bay of Bengal. Every year the flood, waterlogging, Drought, Cold wave, hailstorm etc and some other natural & human made disaster occurred here several times. The peoples were loosing wealth every year and disrupted their livelihoods pattern especially for poor and ultra poor men, women and children. The sustainable livelihoods systems were not functioning well. At least 94% families were directly or indirectly depended on traditional agriculture systems. Agriculture based modern technologies were very difficulties to apply in these areas. The agro-based activities did not enhance to change their livelihoods. So, the people lead life very much inhumanities situation. 60% families were landless; locally they don’t have any job opportunities and remain un-employment for more than 07 months of the year. More than 50% people have to went out side of the areas for searching alternative jobs, the male counterpart were detached from their family. Hence the absences of male member, female were always in tension, feeling threatening and unsecured, passing day and night as mental and physical pressure. Some of the poor families undertake fishing, collection and selling fire woods, vending of vegetables and spices etc as alternative source to earn money for their survivability. The women headed day labor families cannot arrange suitable job.

The numbers of extreme poor families were more than 35%; they were not considered to involve in development activities. As a result the number of such people was increasing as a high rate. Over all condition of the women were very pitiable. The women were seriously deprived as victim of traditional male leading/dominating social management. Unequal behavior & attitude of men and women was found at family and community, regarding food habit, women used to take food after the men, which was the tradition in the family. The son were considered as a resource of the family and community and for which they were providing more opportunities in education, food, treatment, amusement etc, where as the daughters were deprived from these type of opportunities. The pregnant mothers have to work hard day & night in the family. The mother who gives birth to a girl child, she has to suffer for different blames against her instead of any postnatal care. This is why the mother has to suffer mental and physical tortures always without any reasons. A family dose not takes it easy if women go out of the house without veil. They don’t have any participation in decision making process in family and community, even they can’t give any opinion like treatment of her own health, child bearing, family planning, sending girls child to school, marriage ceremony of their adult son or daughter, selling/buying of any assets, use of earn money and even to go to their parents house also. Women were in wrong perception about their rights and dignity, which minimized as all those things were God gifted.

The women and children were always in the victim of violence. In the society polygamy, dowry, divorce, early marriage, abuse of women and child was the common practice and phenomena. They were powerless to protect them from unfair thing to say and or establish rights, don’t have any access to participate in social level development oriented activities, social institutions and  even opinion about casting their votes also. Basic service like Education, Health & nutrition, Agriculture, Bank support and other support for the betterment of their life and livelihoods was not providing as per need. Some people takes loan from local moneylenders by giving mortgage of any fixed assets with high rate of interest; they were unable to pay back the loan with interest. Once upon a time they were bound to sale or hand over their fixed assets to the lenders instead of loan money and finally they were depriving from holistic development due to the mentioned problems and limitations. People of the areas were remaining un-aware, becoming ill healthy, illiteracy and losing assets, facing famine situation, becoming poorest of the poor, helpless, have not and ultra poor, which creating another crisis i.e. they were beyond development mainstream. As a result increasing social and national liabilities of our county day by day for the aforesaid barrier.

Considering the said painful situation the present Executive Director of Samadhan along with some other fellow enthusiastic development workers took the efforts to establish an NGO in the name of “Samadhan” on last October 14, 1987. The English version of the Bengali words “Samadhan” is organization for make solution of human being, emancipation of the people i.e. the people are free from poverty, disparity and exploitation. Accordingly, Samadhan got registration from different registration authority.

Samadhan has been organized the grassroots level women & men from poor, hard-core poor family in its working areas in the name of groups/samity. Women were more priority areas of their poverty alleviation through implementation of multidimensional program under the support of different level donors.  Gender & development was more priority issues in every program as cross cutting issues, but limitation of fund Samadhan was unable to reach/serve them as per desire. Presently Samadhan is working with good relation and close connection with local, regional and national level GoB/NGO offices and various international NGO’s and Donor agencies.

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