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Community Awareness Session:
Lack of awareness there are so many uneven happening in the communities, liabilities of which are a big issues as challenge for the nation. Without awareness rising of the communities development initiatives are not perfectly work. So, to make community aware and functioning to play vital roles in their development Samadhan has taken initiatives to explore awareness activities. Samadhan conducting different issue based awareness session at groups and community to make them aware and sanitized on different development issues as Health, Agriculture, use of safe water, Hygiene and sanitation, human rights, marriage registration, dowry, early marriage, polygamy, women empowerment, divorce, violence against women and children, disaster preparedness & management, family planning, birth registration, nutrition, National Immunization Day celebration and use of National ID card, different income generating activates, climate changes issues, EPI, different diseases including HIV/AIDS, its cause and effects and way of preventive measures etc. The community people becoming aware on the issues discussed, even the neighbored are also getting theses messages through participants, taking need-based measures accordingly.

Day Celebration:
Different individual memorable day create opportunity to make people sensitized respected lessons learning by sharing its importance, effect and ideality by objectives especially for the new generation and peoples innocent. Accordingly Samadhan arranged and celebrate the days highlighting its importance on different ways and platform with different humorous events like drawing, writing and deviate competition, discussion, role play, drama, theater, folk song, simulation, sports, demonstration etc at union, upazila and district level jointly with government officials, NGO officials along with active participation of disadvantage women, men, children, civil society, students and other stakeholders.

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