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Samadhan is a highly committed organization to the communities of Jessore, Sathkira and Khulna district for their sustainable socio-economic development by reducing disaster risk and has a mandate to provide need based emergency humanitarian assistance among the disaster affected people of its working areas in pre, during and after disaster. These areas are highly hazard prone as it is adjacent Bay of Bengal. Khulna, Jessore and Satkhira are the neighboring districts of the ocean. Kopotakkha and Sree-Hori (Muktersori) are the historical branch river of the ocean, which are now death and major causes of harmfulness for the people of these areas. The lower stream part of the river bed is completely silted, become high than crops land and even also community living villages. The Rivers has been lost its water holding capacity. So, the rainfall create flood first, which turned into waterlogging on next time. The waterlogging is affecting here in Jessore, Satkhira and Khulna district mostly every year since 2000.

Samadhan is successfully working in the areas of disaster management, especially for emergency rescue, relief, rehabilitation and emergency treatment by using organizational own resources and direct assistance from CARE-Bangladesh, Concern Worldwide Bangladesh, Proshika MUK, NGO Forum for Drinking Water Supply & Sanitation, GSK, Uttaran, CDMP. In addition to that Samadhan also provided different food and non-food items of materials support along with resources from the ECHO, Ukaid, UNDP, WFP, UNICEF and Islamic Relief-Bangladesh through different International organization during emergency situation since 2000 to till to date cause by Flood, Water-logging, SIDR, AILA etc. Samadhan proud to say here that the organization has well defined contingency plan and 65 competent and confident staff members to handle any worst situation very efficiently.

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