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Samadhan is a community participated humanitarian organization; it is always working for the betterment of the most disadvantaged people over the areas. There are so many incapable poor people and their family members are suffering for sickness, poor students are suffering for continuation of education for scarcity, marriage aged girls did no marry for poverty, some peoples have no shelters and living in tent houses with other member of the family especially women and children; some women are sufferings and can not leave their house for unavailability of cloth, i.e. some people of economically most disadvantaged families over the areas are suffering for want of treatment facilities, foods, cloths, shelter, educational expenses of their children and unable to give marriage of their adult daughter. In addition to that violence against women and children, women and adolescent girls trafficking etc are happening everyday and leading uncertain life in inhumanities situation for indescribable poverty. Samadhan feel agony for such distress families and their suffering, think having accountability for those people. Therefore, Samadhan build its mandatory humanitarian responsibility to ensure support to the severely sufferers since 1987.

Samadhan has created humanitarian support fund by formulating policy in the name of “Human Rights Fund” receiving contribution from paid staff @ BDT 01 (one) per thousand of their salary per month and also receiving subscription from other person/agency/donor both home and abroad. Adequately serve the purpose in right way to right person on right time Samadhan deputed one Junior mid level staff to negotiate with the hospital, clinics to ensure subsidized rate for different test to diagnosis the diseases and proper treatment support for the incapable poor ill patient under the guidance of Executive Director. Samadhan is continuing such support form its general fund and surplus of microfinance program, when found unavailability of Human Rights Fund support.

On the other hand, Samadhan is mobilizing and searching blood donor locally from humanitarian accountability point of view for remedy of chronic disease affected dying patient, who are economically unable to bear the expenses and whom emergency operation or higher treatment is most essential. Samadhan feel proud to say here that locally it is recognized and circulated that the socio-economically most vulnerable people always get need based support as Samadhan is a humanitarian organization, but sorrow that Samadhan do not serve all of them, whose are in crying needed situation for life and death as it is economically not more capable enough and can’t provide need based support to all of them  due to resources limitation.

Eligibility Criteria for the Support:

  • Poor and ultra-poor families.
  • Have food crisis in the families.
  • Women headed day laborer families.
  • Family depends on physical labor.
  • Family size is big but earning member is none.
  • Permanent resided but living in tent house and temporary shelter or neighboring house.
  • Women, children, person with disabilities get first priority.
  • Sick with chronic disease and burned by acid, fire, electro light, electric shock etc.
  • Victim of violence both women and children.
  • Victim of trafficking both women and children.
  • Accidental poor patient.

Major Activities and support under this program:

  • Cash support against Education assistance, Dress, Housing/ Shelter, Marriage, Medicine, Diseases investigation/ Diagnosis, Patient carrying transport/ Ambulance rent, Graveyard support, Legal support etc by ensuring need based physical verification with justification.
  • Blood searching with gentleman agreement and provide need based support to the blood seeker by checking doctor’s suggestions and physical verification with ensuring blood transferring system and process to the point.
  • Established linkage with Govt. Hospital and private clinics at local and regional level and ensure quality service with subsidized rate of different test against diagnosis, Admission, treatment, operation and others fees including ambulance and patient carrying transport cost.
  • Arranged free accommodation of attendant at well-furnished guesthouse of Samadhan

Process of support under this program:

  • Eligible target groups are written canalize by government official, civil society and local government institutions representatives.
  • Referred by general board member and staff member of Samadhan.
  • Direct help seeker request.
  • In all cases mention above should filled a prescribed form, submit to the respective staff, which should be checked, verified and submit to the authority with recommendation for approval. After approval, finance department will arranged to pay by following policy with proper documentation.

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