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Monitoring and Reporting:

Samadhan is guided by its commitment to results-oriented programming, Samadhan tracks programs progress through a series of regular monitoring activities, including regular meetings with direct beneficiaries, grassroots level staffs and technical specialists of donors. This allows Samadhan to assess progress, take immediate steps to address constraints, and respond to new opportunities. At the beginning Samadhan conduct a baseline study to assess the real progress verses plan of operation. Senior management of Samadhan carries out the whole process and maintain liaison with local/regional level respective key stakeholders regularly. Samadhan consult with community people and beneficiaries, and maintain a regular dialogue with local government agencies, local NGOs working in and national organization that have experience to work on the same. Project logical frame work is more helpful for program monitoring. Monitoring of Samadhan works in a cyclic order by using the action plan as tool and starting for monitoring of programs in implementation. It looks into the changes in beneficiaries’ lives by following monitoring process using indicators at the activity plan and achievement. The qualitative indicators look into the behavior, attitude and opinion of the target groups about the services given by the organization considering its pan of operation. The indicators about the qualitative changes and quantitative achievements usually monitored by the head office based all section head under the guidance of the Executive Director etc.

Reporting System:
Different category of reports have been produced under the programs/projects in implementation like monthly report prepared by the individual staffs, compiling of which prepared organizational report, quarterly program tracking report and submitted to the donors and respective government officials. In addition to that, there are many of one short programs accomplished, against of which prepared report like baseline survey report, different training report, meeting report, workshop report etc have been completed under the supervision and guidance of the Executive Director and technical advice of the donors expert. The reporting system initiated in different frequencies, which is depended on nature of program interventions, but preparation of the monthly, quarterly and annual report are mandatory and prepared accordingly, printed and circulated among different category of stakeholders.

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