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Mother & Child Health Care Program and Service:
“Health is wealth” is universal proverb all over the world. Physically if anybody is sick, so nothing is good to that person i.e. never any family/community/nation can expect to get good performance from sick people e.g. development is not possible without resolving illness by preventive and curative measures. The Jessore is adjacent with Indian boarder belt under developing areas and the people are highly vulnerable as they are very poor and beyond development mainstream, even the program areas of Samadhan are the boarder belt areas of Keshabpur and Monirampur Upazila, which are very far from Upazila head quarter. Generally, the people are deprived from government providing treatment facilities, as it is costly, especially for transport cost for severely affected patient. On the other hand, the attitude of treatment service providing agencies available in upazila level is more commercial, which cannot fulfill by the poorer classes people, as result always they are depended on luck and pray to god for remedy without taking any measures of treatment or hospitalization. There are a lot of common diseases like seasonal fever (Cold fever), Malaria, Typhoid, Tonsillitis, Hookworm, tapeworm, threadworm, Water-born disease, viral and fungal affected other diseases along with cold fever (ARI), Heredity/Genealogical Asthma; dysentery, cholera, Bacterial infection; acidity, infection, dyspepsia; diarrhea, diabetic, birth control methods acceptance complication, poisoning, laryngitis, and meningitis are affecting the people as regular problems, especially women, girls and child/infant including adolescents and elderly people are the common patient over there, where Samadhan is implementing a multidimensional development programs for their sustainable socio-economic development, but illness of community people are the great barer for development, where highly needed the health facilities. So, thought a different ways to ensure health facilities and finally it becomes success.

Samadhan established one small-scale Health service center by the support of Bangladesh NGO Foundation (BNF) and its own fund at the birthplace of Samadhan in Mujgunni village under Monirampur Upazila in Jessore district, where this organization has been born and established in 1987. Samadhan is providing primary treatment to the women, children and other people, Antenatal and postnatal care service to the pregnant mother, make people aware on different diseases, its cause and effect with remedy both preventive and curative through court yard session. The Health service centre providing primary treatment facilities to the people of 4 unions of 2 Upazila under Jessore district since June ’2012. One graduate doctor and one attendant are assigned and accomplishing the program interventions rightly and achieving the satisfactory result. Here it is mentionable that Samadhan is contributing its own fund to make the project more effective for the communities.

The Activities Under Implementation:

  1. Make communities aware and sensitized on different diseases, its cause and effect and way of preventive and curatives measures through a regular courtyard session at community level.
  2. Conducting regular antennal checking session of pregnant mother, providing necessary advice and medicine support.
  3. Conducting awareness sessions on antenatal care, postnatal care, winning food, importance of expanded program on immunization, importance of breast feeding, especially feeding of colostrums to the new born child by the appointed doctor along with their women guardians at health center. Ultimate objective of the program is to reduce stillbirth, infant, child and mother mortality.
  4. Ensure adequate treatment support to the birth control method accepted complex mother and complex patient caused by EPI vaccine and injection.
  5. Primary treatment by providing medicines and incase of need refer the patient to Upazila health complex or district level or national level hospital for higher treatment.

Process of Treatment Support:

  1. Provide yearly health card to the individual families of the project areas by receiving BDT 10 as subsidized rate from all socio-economical classes’ people of the project area.
  2. Member of socio-comically “A” category of families (Poor) is providing free treatment and required medicines support as needed by taking ticket fee BDT 5 from each of them.
  3. Member of socio-comically “B” category of families (Lower middle class) and “C” category of families (Middle class) is providing free treatment by taking ticket fee BDT 5 from each of them.

Present Scenarios & Plan of Samadhan About Establishment of Health Service Center:
Samadhan is microfinance based organization, though which Samadhan wishes to ensure sustainable socio-economic stability of the disadvantaged communities. Affordability of fundamental rights (food, shelter, education, cloths and amusement) may ensure when a poorer family gain sustainable economic activities, but health and nutrition are little bit different in comparison with other rights as it is related to survivability. When a person become sick, therefore they feel helpless, despond & as immediate they wish get cure. Presently the government hospital is not providing adequate service for the patient, as because some dishonesty doctors did not ensure support to the patients and encourage them to admit in clinic to get treatment. Instead of treatment always they wants to earn money from different unexpected ways, Hence by taking this opportunity some cute clever established health clinic as commercial center, set some broker and middleman, who bring the patients by giving groundless explanation and make bound for some unnecessary test & diagnoses against commission. As a result, the poor patents are becoming polish, losing huge money and selling assets as victim of frauds usually, but their disease may increase further and come again in that clinic, once upon a time, they becoming big zero in the position of life and death. It is really very painful and dangerous harmful for the people; any conscious people cannot accept such unusual practice. Being a humanitarian service-proving agency Samadhan wish to break this dishonest earning system and save the poor people from some limited dishonest and greedy businessperson.

Ultimate objective of the thematic area are:

  • To establish dynamic complemental Health Service Center to ensure proper treatment facilities by resolving commercial health business in the name of health service
  • To create competitive environment on health service among all other agencies in Upazila level by establishing patient friendly quality service providing health center.
  • To ensure subsidize rate on pathological and or other test by providing quality technical staff where the cleanliness environment will be ensured.
  • To ensure free and or subsidize rate for service, medicine and other essential support especially for the socio-economically poorer patients.
  • To ensure need based antenatal and postnatal care for mothers and children along with counseling to protect mother and child.
  • To protect and save unnecessary expenses of the patient.

Activities accomplished to reach the objectives:

  • It is duly approved by the Executive Committee and ensured moral support to mitigate the crisis
  • Got small grant from Bangladesh NGO Foundation (BNF) by using of which already been providing health service in a small-scale area as model.
  • Established linkage with local health service providing agencies (clinic and hospital) and ensuring subsidized quality services to the Samadhan referred patient.
  • Samadhan deployed one mid level junior staff to linking the service and advocacy with other service providing agencies from its own fund.
  • One stage evaluation has been conducted by an external evaluator named Mr. Muhammad Muttakin, Joint Secretary, Secretariat, the people’s republic of Bangladesh, on behalf of Bangladesh NGO Foundation (BNF). Result of evaluation found highly satisfactory against the performance and given recognition by adding extra 10% of the total budget as bonus by the donor.
  • Samadhan already purchased 0.37 acres of creamy land adjacent Upazila head quarter touching with main road by its own money to established health service center.

Activities to be undertaken to reach the objectives:

  • Raise fund to establish health service center by searching donor.
  • Establish well-equipped modern health service providing center from where a need based and subsidized rate of treatment, test facilities along with free and or subsidized rate of medicine support will be provided.
  • Establish well-equipped modern Nursing Training Institute.
  • Awareness raising through different events on various health issues


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