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Food Security 2012 Bangladesh Ujjibito Program:
Sustainable socio-economic development of ultra poor families by creation of employment opportunities for women and other member of those families through training, motivation, cash, kinds and technical support. The ultimate objective of the project is to sustainability reduced hunger and poverty in Bangladesh. To achieve the objective project has created result based alternative options, through implementation of which lead quality life of 80% poor women and their families. Enhanced sustainable health and nutritional status of the 80% poor women and their families. The 70% poor women and their family member become empowered and increased active participation in social activities. 90% poor women and their family income including business capacity have been increased. 95% poor women and their families increased knowledge on nutrition, homestead gardening and cleanliness & practicing in their family life in a mandatory ways. Increased knowledge of poor women and their families on different social issues and practicing, as a result early marriage, polygamy, dowry, divorce, adolescent pregnancy, violence against women are reducing as well as increasing birth and marriage registration and education of dropout children. Finally sustainable graduation from extreme poverty. The project is implementing here in Keshabpur, Monirampur and Jessore Sadar Upazila in Jessore district under the support of European Union through Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF). The launched on last November’ 2013 and will be continued until April ’2019.

Major activity of the project:
To achieve the expected results the project under taken following program interventions

  • Formulate women groups consisting 20 to 25 women of Ultra Poor families.
  • Provide different issue based session presentation on social issues.
  • Conduct weekly meeting and accumulate weekly savings.
  • Provide crops production training, Livestock training, Fisheries training and Vocational training.
  • Provide different variety of seeds, vaccines and transferred different type of family assets.
  • Provide loan supports with 20% interest and faxable installment.

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