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Constitutional Aspect:
Legitimately, Samadhan is governed by two hierarchies

  • General Body
  • Governing Body

The General Body:
The general Body of Samadhan consists of 21 members are the supreme authority of the organization. The General Body meets once in a year, but in case of need the meeting can be held more than one. General Body has authority to approved yearly program plan and budget, planned activity and review the activity done, organizational performance and audit report.

The Executive Body:
A six-member Governing Body (Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Treasurer and three Members) are vested with the governance and the management of the organization. The Executive Director is not a member of the Governing Board but works as a protocol Member Secretary. The Governing Body is elected for a period of three years from a body of 21 general members, whose are from different professions. The executive committee meets quarterly basis review the program progress following approved plan and budget verses achievement & expenses. Analyzed and find out challenges, constraints and way of overcome for smooth running of program as well as organization. Quarterly meeting of the executive committee is mandatory, but it is demand driven i.e. if the situation demands, so the meeting can be held more than schedule.

The Governing Board of the organization:

 AsgarAli    AshrafunNahar
Name: S.M. Asgar Ali
Position: Chairman
Academic qualification: B.A
Profession: Business & Agriculture


Name: Ashrafun Nahar

Position: Member

Academic qualification: B. A

Profession: Social Service

 AbdulMotlebSorder  Anowar Ali

Name: Abdul Motleb Sorder

Position: Vice-Chairman

Academic qualification: M.Com

Profession: College Principal

Name: Md. Anwar Hossain

Position: Member

Academic qualification: S.S.C

Profession: Business

 MdSamsurRahman    MrsRehanaAkter

 Name: Md. Samsur Rahman

Position: Treasurer

Academic qualification: S.S.C

Profession: Deed Writer


Name: Mrs Rehana Akter

Position: Member

Academic qualification: B.A

Profession: House wife

Policy and Functional aspect:
Policy and Procedures:
In order to establish good governance in the organization, the organization gives significant importance on the implementation of various policy and procedures that include (i) Rules of Business for Micro-finance, (ii) Human Resource Management and Administrative Policy, (iii) Accounting and Financial Policy including Internal and external Audit, (v) Program Implementation policy, (vi) Gender Policy, (vii) Branch/project office operational policy and (viii) Group members insurance (Members welfare fund). All policies are approved by the Governing Body.

Working Committees:
Seven different committees are functioning with cross-functional departments to develop greater cohesion and integration towards achieving the goals of the organization. The committees are: (i) Recruitment Committee, (ii) Gender Committee, (iii) Purchase & Sales  Committee, (iv) Provident fund management committee, (v) Fixed Deposit Reserve management committee, (vi) Disaster Management Committee, (vii) In staff level there is a Senior Management Team (SMT) consist of 4 members headed by the Executive Director, rest of three members are Program Head, Micro Finance Head and Finance Department Head. All committees are approved by the governing body.

Policy on Gender, Equal Opportunities, Social Justice:
Samadhan maintains gender policy emphasizing on equal opportunities and social justice irrespective of caste, creed and religion. The major thrust of the organization is given on the opportunities to the accesses of the women community that promote their rights in the family, and society. All the programs that Samadhan implements stress on the women community and facilitate their development in order to uplift their standard of living and to minimize the discriminatory gap that exists between men and women in terms of recognition, acceptance and social and economical status.

The objective of gender policy is to promote equal opportunities of women community at all levels of the organization in consonance with their competencies, their equal access to resources and services, equality in representation, authority and decision making, equality of rights etc. The gender policy has been considered primarily to reflect in (a) individual attitudes, and behavior (b) programmatic outcomes, and (c) organizational systems.

Samadhan is highly opposed to any form of violence against women at the family, community, regional and state level. It continuously upholds and makes attempts that protect the rights of women community at all spheres of life. In order that women emancipation can be enhanced through mainstreaming gender relations, the customers of the organization are mostly the women, who are to participate in organizational activities transforming them into equal participants as that of the males in the self-employment or wage labor job market. Further, the women customers of the organization also learn more and have access loans from the formal financing institutions.

At organizational level, the female staffs are given the preferences in their recruitment according to their competencies for the respective position. Not only, flexibilities also exist for employment with reasonable status in the competitive market, are given opportunities to their exposure in the external environment for gathering knowledge, improving their skill, and promoting the participation of the females in their forum, are provided with reasonable opportunities for maternity leave in consonance with the declarations of international conventions, etc.

Overall, Samadhan is uncompromising on questions of promoting women’s rights in accessing available opportunities in the market, and mainstreaming gender relations that ensure mutual respects to males and females in the society.

Policy- procedure- Document/manual:
List of policy-procedure document/manual of Samadhan:

Particulars of policy


Prepared/Last updated

Constitution of Samadhan To regulate the organizational governance for functioning well. Reviewed and Updated
Staff management policy (Service rule) To ensure effective & efficient management to control/develop of human resources along with transparent & functioning administrative system and staff benefit. Reviewed and Updated
Gender policy To create enabling environment for all staff specially the female. Reviewed and Updated
Micro finance operational policy comprising all components under microfinance, along with group members’ insurance (Welfare fund). Smooth and uniquely operation of the micro finance program components along with cover the risk of customers and organization. Reviewed and Updated
Branch and project office operational policy. Rightly and uniquely operation of the programs/projects offices. Reviewed and Updated
Human Rights Fund Management policy Establish fundamental rights of communities, especially for the women & children and address the issues. Reviewed and Updated
Financial & Accounts management policy comprising staffs benefits, purchasing, sales, head office cost allocation system and auditing etc. To establish an effective and easy financial management, adequate accounting system and ensure prior transparency, Reviewed and Updated
Contingency plan Ensure immediate response to reduce lose of wealth and life during and after disaster Reviewed and Updated
Money laundering protection policy To make operational staff aware and committed to protect money laundering. Reviewed and Updated
Computer Training Center Management policy To ensure quality and systematic operation of the computer training programs. Reviewed and Updated


Legal Status of Samadhan:
Samadhan is registered with the authority of-


Registration Authority

Registration Number

Date of Registration


1. Department of Social Welfare

Jessore- 171/1991

June 13, 1991

Onward valid

2. NGO Affairs Bureau


May 10, 1997

Valid till May 09, 2017

3. Micro Credit Regulatory Authority

03073-00100-00006 & MRA-0000006

September 05, 2007

Onward valid

4. National Board of Revenue (NBR)

(TIN): 412-400-0641

Onward valid

Click here to see the registration certificate

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