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The Mission:
Promotion of socio-economic status of the underprivileged through institution building, conscientization, human resource development, education, environment friendly local resource management, establish peace, justice, dignity and fraternity in the society.

The Vision:
Samadhan envision is a gender, caste and class equal environment friendly poverty free society.

To ensure sustainable Socio-Economic development of the target women and men of its working area and Poverty alleviation.


  • To make people self reliant including poor and landless.
  • To create employment opportunities for the poor and ultra poor people through providing technical program
  • Support including handicraft.
  • To take steps for holistic development for poor by implementing multidimensional program activities.
  • To establish dignity and ensure the rights of the women and children through providing legal support
  • To develop long-term strategic plan for sustainable development of the Community.
  • To be developed networking with international, national, and local like minded organization.
  • To ensure necessary advocacy in respect of local issues for wellbeing of women and children.
  • To prevent of early marriage, polygamy, women violence etc by implementing different activities.
  • To take necessary initiative for makes people aware about health, population, nutrition and family planning.
  • To create unity and empowerment of poor and ultra poor men & women of the working areas.
  • To develop/mobilize of human resource to increase socio-economic status by reducing vulnerability.
  • To increase organic farming practice and forestation to reduce environment pollution.
  • To make people aware about democracy and rights.
  • To establish child rights through protect of child labor.
  • To operate the credit program by the local or foreign individual or institutional donation or credit.
  • To reduce lose of life and wealth during & post disaster.


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